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Client Testimonials

Bob goes the extra mile to make sure he understands your requirements and finds the right matches. He helps you do a better job of hiring through his professionalism and takes a great burden off of your shoulders in handling preparation and scheduling of candidates for advanced interviews. He saves you time and frees you up to accomplish more.

Mark A., Regional Business Manager

Bob is an outstanding recruiter who not only gets the right candidate but does it in a way that enhances the reputation of the business. Bob and the Z1 team is a significant contributor to our company's growth and success and I would encourage you to use them. They truly go above and beyond.

Margaret M., Chief Operating Officer

Honesty, punctuality, and advocacy are the three things I look for in a recruiter and Bob embodies all three. At each step of the process, he gave me an honest assessment of where I stood and what needed to happen to progress. His communications were always timely; when he said he'd get me something, he got it to me. Lastly, even when it seemed as though his client might move in a different direction, Bob continued to advocate for me. I ultimately accepted a position with his client and it would not have been possible without Bob going the extra mile the way he did.

David F., Healthcare IT Sales, Marketing, and Implementation Leader

I value Bob's ability to truly understand the specific requirements and partner with me in moving candidates through the interview process to hire. Thanks to Bob and his expertise as a trusted colleague and advisor I was able to hire several accomplished candidates as part of our sales team. I heartily recommend him as a great colleague.

Beth D., Vice President Sales

Vicky takes the time and energy to make sure folks are prepared throughout the interview process and the match between company and individual is a accurate fit. Vicky went above and beyond any experience I have ever had in working with a recruiter. She has truly set a new bar that recruiters should learn from.

Nick U., Molecular Sales Specialist

Vicky displayed a fantastic ability to connect my specifics with many qualified candidates from which to choose. Vicky was very detailed from the very beginning. Before sending me candidates Vicky took the time to perform a needs analysis to identify the qualities that I was seeking. After a few days, Vicky submitted several qualified candidates that I was able to choose from to fill my open position. Overall, Vicky has been very detailed and easy to work with. I highly recommend working with Vicky, she takes charge and directs the hiring process with ease.

Michael H., Sales Director

Vicky was able to find candidates with unique differentiating qualities for specialized market applications. She was a pleasure to work with.

Robert C., Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Chad is an industry expert who takes the time to find the top talent available. He is vested as a business partner and is committed to the process that works best for each client. I have placed several candidates that Chad has brought forth and they are all long standing excellent employees.

Jon L., General Manager

I worked with Chad on a number of projects and have found his work to be exceptional. Chad offered excellent candidates for us to interview. He saved me time by ensuring that he understood the needs of the candidates well and that they were exceptional. The candidates that eventually joined the team were excited to be there because of the great job he did in setting up the potential employee for success.

Natalie L., Laboratory Sales Director

I highly recommend Chad to any client looking for delivery, and professionalism during the hiring process. He is in the top 1% of performers in our industry.

Jeff M., Principal

Chad is one of the few outstanding recruiters in life science/diagnostic fields. He cares about matching the company’s needs with the right candidate for the position. He thinks about the long term relationship he is building with the client and potential hire. I would recommend Chad highly if you are in need of recruiter to help fill positions within your company.

Matt N., Business Development

Chad is a very personable and caring professional whose goal is to help his clients chart their professional careers and achieve personal and financial satisfaction. Chad is very detailed oriented, very prompt in responding and providing the right information, and eager to help.

Alexander K., Business Development Executive

Jim and Z1 Solutions are superlative at what they do. No other recruiter consistently provides the same quality candidates who are so well aligned with the requirements of the job being filled. Jim has created a team at Z1 that are the most professional and polished people I have dealt with in the industry. The experiences and breadth of knowledge about the industry make each of the people an invaluable resource to me when I am looking to fill a position.

Chris B., Director of Hospital Sales

Jim and Z1 Solutions work with you to define your people needs, then partner with you to screen, interview, assess, and select the best talent. They have a way of creating a strong relationship with their partners based on trust and two-way communication. Jim and his team send you what you want, and not everything that comes their way.

Jim P., President

Jim effectively uses his contacts and dynamic personality to drive the effectiveness of Z1 Solutions. It is a pleasure to work with Jim and his team to move business forward and fill open positions in a timely manner.

Scott S., Corporate Account Manager

Jim is the first person that I call when I need to fill an open position. I can count on Jim to present high quality candidates and his follow up is excellent. Jim is a true business partner.

Adam B., Vice President of Sales

Jim has supported my recruiting efforts across three different companies for the past decade. When I receive a slate of candidates, I don't just get a download from his database. I know the resumes will be pre-screened and meet the criteria we've previously discussed. Based on his industry knowledge and connections, I will always get the best candidates.

Sarah G., Vice President-Commercial

Jim has enormous experience in the industry and everyone knows him and respects him. His reputation is a reflection of his results...Outstanding!

Jeff G., Marketing Director

I have recommended Jim to several of my colleagues and would never hesitate to do it again, as they also had the same experience that I have had over the years. If you want your phone calls returned in a timely manner, totally honest market information and an opportunity to work with someone that is not stuck in a hole/box, then you should call Jim Zasowski first.

Randy H., Registered Investment Advisor

Jim offers clients the exceptional combination of high character and integrity, deep industry knowledge and the experience and service capabilities necessary to identify and place talented leadership. He's a man of authenticity, a man who loves life and a man who considers others before self. With Jim it’s all about how he can better understand you and your needs, and how he (and Z1) can serve you, strengthen your team and elevate your organization's team performance.

Rusty S., Senior Consultant

Jim seeks out and matches what you need. We have made him our exclusive recruiter in a number of our businesses and Z1 always delivers. Z1 is the recruiter that I recommend to other employers and friends seeking jobs. He's the only recruiter my teams and I have used since 2001.

Hodi H., 
VP Integrated Delivery Network Solutions

In a start-up, venture backed company, we need people who can hit the ground running, the right outlook is important. Jim always found people who not only had the right resume, but the right temperament as well.

David C., CEO